It Doesn’t Have To Be One Or The Other – How To Ease Into Digital Program Books

There’s no doubt that the world is rapidly transitioning to digital marketing, and for a good reason. However, just because you are developing a digital program book doesn’t mean you need to dump your printed program book. You can still enjoy the best of both worlds while saving plenty of resources. 

If you have been considering digital performing arts program books but don’t want to let go of printed media, there’s good news — you don’t have to. A combined approach will allow you to experience more benefits than ever before. You can stay faithful to the printed material you love while adapting to the needs and expectations of your audience. Plus, you’ll save time and money, and that’s surely music to your ears. 

Print + Digital – 5 Benefits of a Combined Strategy

Data shows that business owners can expect 400% effectiveness when combining print and digital for marketing campaigns. Each of these approaches yields unique benefits, and when combined, the results can be significant. 

Here are five primary benefits of a combined strategy for performing arts program books.

1. Save Money 

It’s tough to imagine adding another layer to your marketing and advertising strategy while saving money, but you can. If you have been solely using print material, adding digital program books will help reduce the number of program books you’ll need to print. Offering a digital program book allows your audience to access relevant information online or even via text message. With the help of the latest technology, you can significantly enhance your audience’s experience. 

As the number of printing jobs decreases, so will your printing costs. Not to mention the money you’ll save in time and labor. 

2. Save Time on Design Work

Speaking of time savings, a performing arts program book content management system can save you plenty of time concerning the design process. When leveraging the power of an all-in-one dashboard, like Audience Access‘, you can instantly simplify the workflow of your digital and printed program book, as well as the distribution. You will instantly save time on the design and proofreading process. 

3. Remain Competitive 

As a performing arts organization, you need to remain relevant. Being mindful of your strategies will affect your ability to stay competitive and relevant to your audience. Research shows that more and more performing arts organizations are exploring alternatives to print program books, mainly because of digital program books’ benefits. Many organizations, including Furman University, are discovering the perks of interactive program books. 

As more organizations and institutions adopt this strategy, more people will expect this type of digital experience. Again, it’s great to give the option of both print and digital — but if you stick to only print, you may be left behind. 

4. Create an Immersive Experience

Printed material can offer patrons all the information they need about an upcoming event. However, other than listing performances and any further relevant details, that’s where the capabilities of printed program books end. Unlike digital program books, you can leverage many unique features. 

Digital program books actively engage patrons, providing an interactive gateway

For example, a digital program book:

  • Helps patrons buy tickets for future performances in a few clicks. Add “buy tickets” links to encourage a more convenient buying experience. 
  • Allows you to add more information than you would be able to include in a printed program book. For example, you can provide a link to a page that explains the event in greater detail or links to related news. The goal is to pique interest in events to drive more future ticket sales. 
  • Provides endless marketing opportunities. Whether you want to advertise upcoming performances, promotions, featured performers, or any other relevant updates, digital program books increase the possibilities. 

5. Increase Sales

When you have created a digital program book, you can connect with patrons while they’re in their seats. Effectively timing your marketing strategy could lead to an increase in ticket sales. Whether you focus on targeted ticket sales or encourage limited-time buys, you can now advertise to your audience based on where and who they are. With Audience Access, you can personalize this marketing channel thanks to data collection, survey results, and more. 

Learn moreHow to Use Your Digital Program Book to Increase Ticket Sales!

Make the Switch to Digital Performing Arts Program Books

At Onstage Publications, we’re continuing to see many of our performing arts clients transition toward digital program books. It saves them a ton of money, reduces the headaches of pagination, decreases pages to proof, and reduces labor. 

Start experimenting with digital and printed program books now, through our Community version of Audience Access. Get started today!

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