Create an Immersive Experience for Your Patrons with a Digital Program Book

Many performing arts organizations use printed program books or just post details of future performances on their websites. While this may work to some extent, it does not engage the patrons. Besides, apart from giving a list of performances, there are no other features in such printed program books.

Enter the digital program book, a revolutionary, interactive gateway to engaging your patrons. It allows you to meet and connect with your patrons while allowing them to be part of the performance without leaving the program book.

Here are a few features of the digital program book that can enhance your interaction with the patrons.

Ability to Buy Tickets in a Few Clicks To Upcoming Performances

The digital program book enables patrons to buy tickets for future performances right within the digital program book. You can just add a ‘buy tickets’ link, or place an ad which then allows them to make payment and take up their preferred seats. It is not only convenient but has the potential of attracting more people to buy tickets.

Enables the Performing Arts Organization to Add More Information about Each Performance

You can always explain what the performance is all about with more words than you can in a printed program. The information may be contained in a few paragraphs below the event title or a link to a page that explains the event. This can increase patron interest in the said event and lead to more bookings, and it doesn’t cost anything to add more content!

Limitless Marketing Opportunities

You can market your future performances, merchandise, and concession specials right in the digital program book. Some of the products can connect to your landing pages or carts for customers who would like to purchase on the go!

Audience Access enables you to access all the above benefits and many more. It even has text messaging built into it to allow one-on-one engagement with your patrons. Do you want to interact with those who will be coming to your event? Do it conveniently using the Audience Access digital program book platform.

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