That’s right, CALL! Have you ever picked up your phone, dialed a number, and received a digital program book delivered directly to your phone via text message?

Now you can!

Audience Access is unique in that it gives your patrons the ability to call a number and get their program book delivered straight to their phone. It’s simple, fast, and environmentally friendly. 

The Simplest Digital Program Book You’ll Ever Use.

With more than 20 years of experience designing and publishing program books for the performing arts, the team at Onstage Publications has watched the evolution of print to digital media.

Unlike our competitors, we knew digital program books weren’t a fad, and we knew that traditional print media has limitations. Those limitations — like a significant carbon footprint and unnecessary social contact — have crystallized over the last few years. 

Now, we’re not saying all of your patrons are environmentalists. But during the 2021-22 season, many of them are. Nor are they all reluctant to touch something that’s been in a stranger’s possession. Still, in a post-pandemic year, you can expect many of them to pause before handling a physical program book.

It’s Been 8 Years in the Making

So we spent the last eight years creating the perfect digital program book. There are no clunky downloads, no apps that pirate your phone’s memory.

Audience Access is streamlined and easy to use for everyone involved. Your patrons will love the rapid access to a digital program book, and your advertisers will appreciate the extended reach.

But that’s not all. 

Your organization can take advantage of other unique features like:

  • A digital program book that integrates with any ticket sales platform
  • Text-to-donate
  • Text-to-join (for sweepstakes and giveaways)
  • Access to a print shop
  • And more

Check out our blog for more great information about our digital program books for performing arts organizations. 

And sign up today for a Free Forever Community package of Audience Access to see it for yourself.

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