Texting is possibly the simplest, yet most effective way to communicate quickly. Emails may sit in folders for days, or are ignored entirely. QR codes often have users tweaking their camera settings to use the scanner. Downloading an extra app is an annoying step and customers will usually forget to open the app; that’s before they turn off notifications. Don’t use antiquated approaches to reach your audience. Sending your digital program book through text guarantees everyone receives it in a timely manner and opens a world of opportunities for direct access.

Quick, Direct Communication

For your performing arts organization, you want to use the most up to date methods. Using two-way messaging, you can easily resolve problems without the wait. Mass messaging allows you to send bulk texts to everyone. You can also segment your audience using keywords to help you target interests and send specific content to those groups. Speed in reception and response to your program book ensures that running your organization is a smoother process. When communication is taken care of, all you have to worry about is the performance. 

Data that Matters, Specificity is Key

Text messaging also gives you access to more personalized data. When your audience clicks through to your digital program book, you can start to see patterns, and really start to see what each patron is interested in. That means you know who is in your seats and when, and their likes and dislikes based on their phone number and usage of Audience Access. You can then tailor future announcements or even an entire performance around trends that you notice, truly bringing audience engagement to your fingertips.

Saving Money, While Staying Cutting Edge

In the performing arts industry, every margin counts, and being able to have a beautiful digital program book that is simple to publish, and simple for your patrons to use, means you can finally get rid of the broken model of old printed program books of yesteryear. Text messaging isn’t exactly high-tech, but with Audience Access, you can utilize ingenious tools to use a simple system more productively. Sign up for our Free Forever Community Package and see for yourself how texting and analytics can massively impact how smooth and effective your communication can be. 

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