A performing arts digital program book is a deliverable solution that lets you connect with every member of your audience. As opposed to traditional printed playbills, using a digital program book platform like Audience Access — provided by Onstage —lets you develop real-time campaigns. It allows you to conduct surveys, send tickets, collect data, and mass text. 

Knowing Your Audience

Once upon a day, a patron might buy four tickets and give two away. An organization could buy group tickets and hand them out. These transactions highlight the fact that come showtime, a large portion of your audience will be a mystery to your organization. 

A digital program book changes the game. Anyone who gets a ticket to any performance will use their mobile device to access the digital program book. “Every single patron.” Imagine a scenario where — because of the digital program book — you have the contact info not just for the consumer who bought the tickets but for every single person sitting in a seat!

Audience Access: Simplicity Itself

Built on a text messaging platform, the simplicity of Audience Access is in its delivery capabilities and the data in return. Send your performing arts digital program book to your patrons via text message. You can also have them call your unique phone number! There are also ways to modernize the process further. Make use of a hyperlink or QR Code.

But the true strength in the platform is text messaging. When the function is unleashed, expect marketing capabilities to go through the roof because you’ll know everyone sitting in your seats at every performance because they accessed your digital program book. Whether your event is virtual or live, local or national, a digital program book allows your performing arts organization to know everyone!

It’s time to bring your program into the digital age. Check out the Audience Access platform here.

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