No One Ever Says: “I Want My Digital Program Book to be Super Complicated!”

The audience gathers. The lights go up. And the magic begins…

But before any of this comes the program book! A resource and memento for your audience. A compilation of information outlining and detailing the event, among other things. But also, a huge undertaking even for the largest performing arts organizations.

Since forever, program books have been handed out to patrons, and is an intricate part of the overall performance. But the digital age challenges us to find better ways to communicate and collaborate. Enter Audience Access…

Simplest. Digital. Program Book. Ever!

Audience Access is a text-based platform that puts publishing playbills directly in your hands. Create a beautiful program book that connects to all your patrons. You won’t need publishing experience, an app, or any type of installation. Audience Access allows your organization to reach out live or virtually and engage in a personal relationship with your patrons.

With the Audience Access, its simple to send targeted alerts, push notifications, and execute campaigns with:

  • Ticket integration,
  • Surveys,
  • Mass texting,
  • Program notes
  • Flash polls,
  • 2-way messaging,
  • Data collection,
  • And so much more.

Take control of everything from publishing dates to color themes. And, again, none of it requires experience in publishing or digital development.

Maximize the Experience

Program books are an integral component of the performing arts. They’ve allowed us to communicate and promote, get donations, and offer appreciation for patronage. But the past required those instrumental booklets to be ready well in advance.

With a digital program book, use real-time data to keep audiences not just informed but comfortable about their theater-going experiences. Use Audience Access to take surveys, get feedback, and promote special events and upcoming performances. 

For patrons, advertisers, and organizations, digital program books take full advantage of paper playbills but move them into the 21st century. Zero contact, a significantly reduced carbon footprint, and much more. Audience Access is traditional, versatile, and modern.

It’s time to simplify your program publications. Sign up for Free Forever Community package of Audience Access today! 

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