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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted virtually every industry, including the performing arts. Due to restrictions associated with the pandemic, ticket sales plummeted to an all-time low. According to this study, ticket sales dropped by 86% between March 2020 and March 2021 in the US.

As we are easing from the grip of the pandemic, many businesses have digitized their processes to match the growing digital population. Performing arts organizations have not been left behind as performing arts digital program books are slowly gaining traction.

Here is why you need to publish digital program books.

1.   Cost-effectiveness

Digital program books eliminate the extra cost of printing, shipping, and delivery of printed program books. Additionally, digital program books cost about 80%-90% less than printed ones.

2.   Eliminate Reliance on Delivery Services

You can make your digital program book available to all your patrons with a single click. Eliminate the reliance on delivery services at a time when the supply chain is facing severe shortages.

3.   No Storage Space Required

Managing a pile of program books is no mean feat, and it can take up a huge space in your facility. Going to a digital program book also eliminates 100% of over-ordering.

4.   Environmentally friendly

The planet’s future is shockingly uncertain because of the rate of pollution and solid waste output. You can play your part by cutting your share of paper waste.

5.   Simplified Interaction

Digital program book platforms integrate ticketing and mass texting capabilities to enable communication to all patrons at one go.

6.   Advertising Revolution

It is way easier to sell advertising with digital program books. Ad analytics enable you to track and optimize your ads to sell more.

Audience Access Makes Digital Program Book Publishing Fast and Profitable

At Audience Access, we apply a professional approach to make your digital program book stand out. We also offer several custom features, including but not limited to:

  • Mass texting
  • Data collection and surveys
  • Ticketing information integration
  • Advertisement analytics
  • Custom keyword-optimized messaging.

Sign up for the Free Forever Community Package of Audience Access today to find out more.

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