Within the last 18 months, virtually every company had to adopt digital versions of their existing processes. One study from McKinsey shows the pandemic accelerated digitalization by several years. Many businesses say that at least 80 percent of their customer interactions now take place digitally. That trend doesn’t apply only to eCommerce stores and restaurants. It has also influenced how performing arts organizations are now using digital versions in place of print versions for their program books.

The movement toward digital products will not end once life returns to normal and people can stop worrying about emerging COVID-19 variants. Even as fans return to in-person performances, it still makes sense for performing arts organizations to use digital program books.

Digital Program Books Cost Less Than Print Programs

Costs always play important roles in performing arts marketing. Most organizations struggle to reach their goals without going over budget. Every dollar you can save makes it easier for your venue or performance group to thrive.

Digital program books cost considerably less than printed program books. You might still need to pay for content creation and design, but you practically eliminate the production costs you cannot avoid with printed programs—no more paper, ink, shipping, or labor. Just the content your audience needs to enjoy every performance.

The Free Forever Community Version of Audience Access makes your programs even more affordable while giving you access to:

  • A Private Facebook User Group Access
  • A Customer Dashboard
  • Integrations With Ticketing Services
  • Video and Audio Integration
  • Up to 1,000 Page Views Per Month

Now, you can connect with your audience, improve your marketing, and increase revenues without spending extra money.

Selling Advertising Is Easier With Digital Program Books

Digital program books could even make it easier for selling advertising space in your program book. With the printed program books, most of them get thrown into trash cans or recycling bins. Few people take them home. And many times, as we found when printing program books, organizations would over-order which only led to more waste.

With digital program books, the ads are now trackable, and clickable that can go directly to an advertiser’s landing page or offer. True analytics can now be captured and shared with the advertisers.

Reduce Waste With Performing Arts Digital Program Books

Many people assume that recyclable paper programs don’t harm the environment. In reality, not all of that paper gets directed to recycling plants. The EPA estimates that paper and paperboard account for 23.05 percent of municipal solid waste. MSW services handle more paper products than any other type of refuse. Unfortunately, the tonnage of paper refuse grows by the year.

Your organization can help limit the number of paper products that get directed to landfills by switching to performing arts digital program books.

Audience Access Can Make Publishing Digital Program Books Simple and Profitable

Audience Access is a simple approach to make your digital program books successful and useful. Audience Access meets those needs by helping you:

  • Track results of marketing campaigns and advertisements.
  • Reaching a larger number of people through mass texting.
  • Gathering feedback through surveys.
  • Determining the right time to text your audience members and drive more interactions.
  • Putting all of your data, ticket information, and survey results in one place.

Get started today to see how Audience Access benefits your event space or performing arts group.

Sign up for our Free Forever Community version of Audience Access.

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