Your Digital Program Book Shouldn’t Be a Sunk Cost!

When we built Audience Access, we wanted all the features of the printed program books and more.

After careful market research and decades of experience, we’ve developed an interactive program book experience that benefits everyone, from the audience member to the sales team and advertisers. 

Program Book Advertising isn’t a New Concept.

Since the days of Shakespeare, smart businesses have taken advantage of a grouped-up audience enjoying the performing arts. It probably began with food and beverages sold in the town square or local tradesmen and women hawking their wares nearby. Over centuries, the performing arts and business relationship evolved to full-blown program book advertising at venues around the globe.

But it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t cheap.

The problems of traditional program books were always the high cost to print and the labor needed to sell the advertising, collect ad proofs, and put the project together.

Performing arts organizations had to divide their attention and become publishers, rather than focusing on the venue and performance.

We Make Advertising Sales Simple for Performing Arts Organizations

We have built an ad sales system that allows you to load up an email list of businesses in your area, and the system collects signed and paid ad agreements.

We’ve also made it easier to monitor your response, reach advertisers and audience members, and collect their opinions via surveys. 

And we make it all more affordable. 

Your Program Book Could be Earning Money for Your Organization

We’ve made program book publishing super simple and super affordable with prices starting at $295.

Best of all, Audience Access works with any ticketing service. You don’t need to change how you’re doing business. 

So stop throwing money at a sinking print media. Visit our blog to learn how your organization can adapt to a post-pandemic world and get started

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