How to Magically Gain More Hours In Your Day

As almost everyone in the performing arts industry is already aware, this exciting and rewarding performing arts workplace is full of challenges. There are so many things that take an inordinate amount of time to accomplish, especially for those on the administrative end of this business. One of the ways time seems to slip through these behind-the-scenes fingers is the arduous task of putting the program books together for each performance.

So Where’s the Magic?

Laborious program book processes include everything from looking for advertisers to help cover costs, gathering the content, the lengthy layout process, proofing, submissions before going to the press, possible revisions…the list seems to go on and on. However, the magic of today’s modern technology is here to help with all of these expenses and help to streamline these chores.

Embracing Today’s Technology

The best way of taking control and managing the entire program book process is available on digital publishing platforms. They encompass everything from publishing, distribution, utilizing two-way messaging services, sending mass texts, data collection, and even including securing sponsorships and advertisers. These plans and processes also encompass using digital methods and ditching the printing presses altogether–which have hisortorically been 70% of the overall printed program book costs!

Less Drama With More Digital

Going digital with today’s program books isn’t the wave of the future anymore, but is considered the norm nowadays. Not only is going towards paperless solutions better for our planet and the environment but there are other pros to consider:

  • Marketing to your patrons while in their seats has never been easier with a digital program book. A static printed program book could never do this in the past!
  • Content is unlimited in a digital program book, whereas content had to be limited in a printed program book due to the high cost–remember, printing costs have historically been 70% of the overall cost of the program books.
  • Digital program books are more attention grabbing, especially when all the bells and whistles are utilized–drinks served directly to your seats anyone? Well with digtal program books, this is simple!
  • They’re also quick—just as quick, if note quicker than the old printed program book being handed out by the usher.

For more information on how to streamline all these processes for bigger profits, less stress, and less labor, please contact us today to sign up for our Free Community version. We have the solutions and promise to give you back the time that has been historically squandered on these unnecessary tasks with the old printed program book.

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