Make Your Digital Program Book Part of Your Marketing Mix And Watch Your Ticket Sales Grow!

For our full-service Publisher clients, we get to see a lot of digital program book content, and we mean A LOT! 

But the one thing we don’t see a lot of is an ad from these clients to run in their digital program book that advertises their upcoming events, and then links directly to their ticketing service.  This is just one way to boost the CTR of your online marketing campaign. 

What is CTR?

Imagine a banner ad just popped up while you were reading this and you clicked on it. That is a click-through for that advertiser. Now, you don’t need to be intimidated by formulas such as CTR = TC/TI*100! All this means is that we can find the click-through rate (CTR) by dividing the total number of clicks (TC) by the total number of ad impressions (TI) or views. Multiplying by a hundred gives a percentage. For example, the average CTR for Google search ads is 3.15%. 

But Good News!

CTRs are generally very low. In many areas such as beauty and personal care, education, commerce, and the employment and automotive industries, the CTRs hover around 5%. In law, dentistry, housing, and business services, the CTRs are even lower. Luckily, for the arts and entertainment industry CTR is relatively robust at a whopping 10.67%!

Want An Even Higher CTR?

There are a few ways to boost your CTA, including:

  • make sure your simple, secure link includes your brand name (using hyphens: your-business, or caps: YourBusiness) 
  • keywords, keywords, keywords

Your Digital Program Book Needs To Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Take full advantage of your digital program book by advertising your next performance before your current one even finishes, and watch your ticket sales grow. We’ll be happy to walk you through this or even create your ad for you.

A printed program book could never do this! 

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