How To Guarantee Every One Of Your Patrons Receive Their Program Book

Program books are a vital piece of marketing collateral for any performing arts venue, so how do you make sure that every patron has one in hand when the curtains go up? The answer is simple yet effective: send your patrons digital program books by text message.

Reach Patrons Instantly with Texting

In today’s world of instant access, nothing gets to your patrons faster than a text message. Handing out program books in person can be labor-intensive and unreliable, with most of these paper copies ending up in the trash. And forget about sending digital program books or other time-sensitive promotional materials by email, where messages may languish in spam folders for days or just be ignored entirely. When time is of the essence, a text message digital program book reaches your patrons immediately in a medium they can access in seconds.

Ease of Use Makes Text Messages a No-Brainer

Everyone hates having to download yet another app just to receive a message or service. Some people may even decline to engage with you if your promotional materials require the extra step of installing an app. Text messaging is the simplest and most successful mechanism for communication, requiring the least interaction and having the fewest possible hiccups–we call this the least amount of friction for your patrons.

Open the Door to More Marketing Engagement Opportunities with Text

Sending your digital program book by text not only guarantees everyone receives it in a timely manner but also opens a world of new opportunities for direct access to your patrons. Tickets to upcoming shows? Special offers, discounts, or exclusive access to events? With text messages, you can open a direct channel to your patrons and be one step closer to satisfying their entertainment needs and desires.

No More Missed Connections with Digital Program Books by Text

Sending your digital program books by text message is just the tip of the iceberg. By utilizing SMS for a holistic multi-channel communications campaign, you can easily send targeted campaigns, alerts, or surveys to all of your patrons at once. Customer engagement just got a lot more engaging!

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