How A Top Music University Uses Digital Program Books

Not only is Audience Access gaining recognition and acceptance by performing arts organizations, but it is also being used by leading institutions across the country for various applications. Furman University is listed among the top 10 music schools in the nation, and they really appreciate how Audience Access has helped them to reduce costs and provide a new dimension over traditional printed program books. 

A Nod from  the Administration 

Here is what Emily Sweezy, director of administration and operations for the music department at Furman University had to say about us, “Our favorite part of Audience Access is the program notes feature, which allows adding links to videos, photos, and texts, etc. This makes digital program books interactive for everyone involved.  It’s more than just a list of works and composers and performers, and the program actually comes alive”. 

She continues to put it clearly, “Our main concern was how our faculty would respond because they don’t always like new things. The faculty saw what was possible and they were willing to give it a try at their concerts. They really liked it, so I think we will be able to break through to the rest of the faculty. Audience Access is incredibly easy to navigate and programs are easily created fast and they look great.  And having the ability to put links to web pages such as the band’s Spirit wear page, helps us sell our products and raise money for the department at our concerts.

So Much More Than A Printed Program Book 

A digital program book is so much more than the printed program books of yesterday. In addition to information about the orchestra, musical concerts, etc., students can receive their digital program books simply via text message. Digital program books can become interactive and are especially unique to the university setting so that students, as well as patrons, can learn more about the music composers’ lives as well as their historical background of the works performed. 

And by delivering your digital program book through our simple text messaging system, you can now connect with every person sitting in your audience, live or virtual. Just imagine what you can do with this new relationship. Start now to learn more and enjoy the convenience and cost-efficiency that comes with a digital program book. 

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