So many aspects of our lives have gone digital these days, bringing ease and efficiency to everything we do. Isn’t it time that old paper program books did the same?

How Digital Program Books Break the Mold

Audience Access is a simple approach to making your digital program books successful and, most importantly, read. With Audience Access, your program content lives online instead of on paper, bringing immediate advancements in marketing opportunities. Need to make a last minute change to a program schedule or artist lineup? Wish you could collect donations, newsletter signups or audience feedback instantly? Now you can engage with your audience and provide the most up-to-date content, all with a few clicks.

Audience Access opens the door to a brand new world of engagement opportunities. The old paper program books often ended up in the trash, or worse, undelivered to audience members. There was no way to know who might be interested in related offers, follow-up questions, ticket purchases, or donations. And the same went for your paper tickets. If someone bought a block of 20 tickets, those 20 audience members were essentially a mystery to you. But those days of murky data are now gone. With Audience Access, you have every opportunity to engage directly with every audience member to track the results of marketing campaigns, advertisements, and more.

Digital Program Book Publishing: Simple to Implement, Hard to Beat

Digital program book publishing lets you reach a larger number of people through mass texting, survey feedback, and newsletter signups to name just a few. Since Audience Access is mobile-ready with no clunky apps, no downloads, no PDFs, and most importantly, no page turns, the ease of use makes it a quick win with your audience. Publishing your content in a beautiful, online format is streamlined and intuitive, and the ease of making updates gives you power over your content.  Best of all, your ticket data and survey results are now stored in one place, giving you powerful insights and analytics into your audience members so you can target your next moves.

If you’re ready to elevate your program book publishing to the next level and make valuable connections with your audience members, then contact us today. You’ll find out why your peers are calling Audience Access “Genius… pure genius.” 

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