Digital Program Books–A Beautiful Complement To Your Print!

Costs are usually a primary consideration and play a vital role in performing arts marketing. Most organizations find it quite challenging to achieve their goals without going over budget in the process. Essentially, every single dollar you can save makes it quite easy for your performing arts organization to thrive and achieve its objectives without being under unnecessary financial pressure. 

Did you know that going with a digital program book does not mean you have to dump your printed program book? Even though digital program books cost considerably less than the printed program books of yesterday if you went all-in on digital, you can still reduce your print costs by using both!

How can this be? By going with a printed program book and digital program book model, you can reduce the number of copies as well as the pages because your digital program book can make up for the rest. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. And as a matter of fact, many of our performing arts clients are doing this and saving tons of money and tons of headaches by reduced pagination, reduced pages to proof, and reduced labor overall!

Never Run Short of Program Books 

Besides the cost-benefit, digital program books can be accessed at any time, in any place. One can easily open a digital program book quickly and check the lineup of events without having to look for printed copies, or if you simply run out. This means that the efficiency and effectiveness of digital program books are significantly increased.

Why Audience Access? 

The free Community version of Audience Access makes your program books even more affordable while giving you access to a private Facebook user group as well as a customer dashboard. There is easy integration with ticketing services, video, and audio, as well as up to 750 page views per month.  And should you be short on staff to design out your printed program books, we have you covered there too!

And by delivering your digital program book through our simple text messaging system, you can now connect with every person sitting in your audience, live or virtual. Just imagine what you can do with this new relationship. Start now to learn more and enjoy the convenience and cost-efficiency that comes with a digital program book. 

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