If you’re still spending money on old-school printed program books, it’s time to make a change. You could be saving time, resources, and money by joining the digital future of performing arts program books. Want to know how?

More Money in Your Budget

In the performing arts space, printed programs can become one of the most expensive purchases made. Add on the fact that the cost of paper is rising, supply chain issues are abundant, printed program books can’t be edited, and advertisers might flee at the sight of a price increase; printed programs can create unnecessary headaches that you could avoid. 

Because the world is turning digital, your patrons included, switching to digital program books like Audience Access will help you fix all of the above issues brought on by old school printed program books. Not only does it free up your budget, but these programs also give you access to new marketing tools print could never achieve. 

Watch our video on how digital programs bring so much more value to your performing arts venue. 

The Cost of Mistakes

We bet this has happened to you before – you’ve just received your printed program books only to find out minutes before the performance that there’s a major mistake and it needs to get fixed. This is an all too common problem and we’ve all been there. That’s why digital program books are not just changing the performing arts space for patrons, but for staff too! When using a digital program book, whenever you need to make updates, such as last-minute casting changes, additional donors and sponsors, or fixing spelling errors, you can change a digital program book literally minutes before the performance. Your patrons wouldn’t be the wiser. 

When switching to digital, you’ll no longer need to worry about wasting your money on misprinted program books. Digital program books are easy to use and designed to save you tons of money and tons of time. 

Audience Access is Your Solution

We’ve spent over 8 years perfecting the digital program experience so that you don’t have to mess around with the costly old-school way of printing program books. When something this good is only a fraction of the cost, how could you say no? Every margin counts and Audience Access was made to help those margins while increasing value in a way that printed program books could never do. Let Audience Access simplify your life, helping you save those precious budget dollars today!

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