Digital is Here to Stay, It’s Time to Embrace It

It is hard to remember a time before smartphones and high-speed internet, but it wasn’t too long ago. As we enter a new digital era, things seem to change daily. The switch to digital may be uncomfortable for some, but it is proving beneficial, especially in a pandemic. Some people may not even realize how much of their life has already gone digital without them noticing. 


Restaurants have been leading the digital revolution in every part of their operations. For example, many restaurants allow customers to pay at the table now through different ways, including tabletop tablets, portable card readers, and QR codes on the table, which allow you to pay through a website. They are also ditching paper by having QR codes to scan and pull up the menu on your phone and servers taking orders on tablets. 


Restaurants aren’t the only ones taking their payments digital. Most places allow you to tap and pay with your phone or pay right from your phone. These payments are more hygienic and quicker than fumbling with cash payments. 


When was the last time you used a paper coupon? Or better yet, when was the last time you received the Sunday newspaper coupon section? That is if you even still subscribe to the printed version of your local newspaper! Savvy marketers understood the power of digital coupons even before social media marketing was a thing. They understood that they could dramatically cut down their costs of printing paper coupons, all the while gathering so much more data than barcodes alone, rendering paper coupons a thing of the past.

Performing Arts

Just as coupon marketers realized the trove of data by going digital, performing arts marketers are just starting to realize this same data trove when making the transition from printed program books to digital program books. In addition to the massive amounts of money performing arts organizations are saving by ditching the printed program book, arts marketers are able to gain more insights into their patrons when a digital program book is viewed. Not to mention the ability to tout their organizations as truly ESG!

Digital Is Here To Stay

There are so many benefits to making the transition to digital in many areas of our lives. It is better for the planet, it is more convenient, it saves a ton of money, and it opens up new relationships that print could never do. As people get more comfortable with digital products, they will appreciate their benefits. If you are ready to embrace digital with a digital program book, reach out to us to learn more about our unique and innovative product. 

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