You’ve Been Publishing Your Program Books All Wrong!!

It’s time to face the painful truth: you’ve been publishing your program books all wrong! The good news is you don’t have to stay stuck in the old program book publishing model. There’s a new way to create, manage and publish program book content, and the savings and simplicity will change your world.

The Old Way of Publishing – Painful and Pricey

With the old program book publishing model, performing arts organizations had to put aside their most important work of bringing amazing performances to their communities. Instead, they turned into magazine publishing houses just to create paper program books each season. They had to manage and pay for every piece of the process: from marketing to graphic design, as well as proofing, ad sales, and accounting. To make matters worse, multiple vendors were used for printing and storing paper program books, and the process sometimes even required outside 1099 sales reps! In the end, this siloed, tedious, expensive process has become a normal way of life for performing arts organizations.

Opening the Door to the New Way: Program Book Content Management Systems

The new publishing model brings some much-needed simplicity and streamlined efficiency to publishing performing arts program books. Today, an organization can create digital program books, prepare print files, engage with patrons, engage with sponsors, and share program book content on their social media channels, all from a simple-to-use, online program book content management system. No more hassle, no more special hires, and no more extra costs. And most importantly, this program book content publishing model is simple enough to free performing arts organizations to do what they do best – bring together their communities through great performances.

What makes a program book content management system rise above the competition? How about a system that offers performing arts organizations a comprehensive platform in which to manage all their program book content from a single, easy-to-use dashboard? The ideal content management system would also be user-friendly and would not require deep design or technical expertise. And best of all, this system would provide options for both digital and print program book publishing, offering the best of both the traditional and modern approaches to audience engagement. Ready to explore the options? Contact us to learn more about Audience Access.

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