You may be thinking of bringing your program book management to the cloud, but what does ‘the cloud’ really do for you? And why should you care? Companies are often eager to adopt cloud-based systems, but in the world of program book publishing, the cloud has an even greater impact.

Traditional ‘Siloed’ Program Book Publishing

Traditional program book publishing has clung to a siloed model, where every step from graphic design to proofing to ad sales requires different, specialized expertise. The entire process becomes a tedious exercise in coordinating people, managing changes, and watching prices rise, all to create a paper program book that might – or might not – be picked up by some audience members. Instead of focusing on bringing great performances to their audiences, performing arts organizations turn into magazine publishing houses with each new season. 

Adopting the Cloud-based Program Book Publishing Model

A cloud-based program book content management system brings much-needed simplicity to the entire process. With this type of system, an organization can quickly design and store digital program books in a cloud-based platform, where content is centralized and secure. Imagine being able to easily integrate advertising content, quickly insert ticket sales links, or even select content for publication in a slimmed-down paper program book or for promotion on social media channels. And with a cloud-based system, content is not only easy to access but also easy to reuse for upcoming performances. All of this is managed from a simple, easy-to-use dashboard, saving valuable time and resources.

The driver behind this cloud-based publishing model is a desire to connect performing arts organizations with their audiences, without the hassle of the traditional, siloed program book publishing model getting in the way. This new model brings everything you need under one ‘roof’, streamlining your efforts and helping you target your audience interactions and build real relationships with patrons. Contact us if you’re ready to explore these and other great features of Audience Access.

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