What If You Could Manage All Your Program Book Content From One Spot?

The moment a patron takes a seat with your program book is YOUR make or break moment: will that program book leave a lasting impression and perhaps become a keepsake of an amazing performance? Will it engage your patrons and leave them hungry for more? With all that’s at stake, the conventional printed program book will no longer suffice.

Making the Experience Matter

Your audience wants to feel an authentic connection to the performance, and that requires a sophisticated program book that provides an immersive artist and patron experience. They need a program book that delivers exclusive access to your performances in new, intimate, and interactive ways. Such a program book would combine beautiful design, up-to-the-minute content, and instant access to upcoming shows and offers. And it would be delivered to them in an accessible, modern format that attracts and keeps their attention.

You may think that publishing a program book like this would be a tall order. It may seem like an arduous task to bring together all the required content with all the necessary people, and all in time for the performance. But that really shouldn’t be the case. Instead, publishing program book content should be simple and stress-free, allowing you to do what a performing arts organization does best: bring together communities through great performances.

Program Book Content Management Systems: Centralized and Simple to Use

That’s where a program book content management system makes all the difference, bringing together all of the critical content pieces you need in one place. Such a platform should provide the ability to create, organize and manage program book content from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It should also be user-friendly and should not require specialized design skills or technical expertise. As a performing arts organization, wouldn’t it be ideal to spend less time creating marketing collateral and more time creating incredible performances? Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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