Streamlining Program Books: The Cost-Effective Solution for Performing Arts Organizations

In the dynamic world of performing arts, where creativity knows no bounds, organizations often find themselves grappling with many logistical challenges. One particularly demanding task is the publishing of program books for events – informative guides that not only serve the audience but also act as a platform to showcase sponsors and contributors. However, the costs and efforts associated with in-house publishing can be overwhelming. A more cost-effective solution is to outsource program book management to a professional services firm.

The Hassle of In-House Publishing

Managing the entire process of publishing program books internally can be a time-consuming and resource-draining endeavor for performing arts organizations. From designing layouts to coordinating with printers and ensuring timely delivery, the in-house production of program books often turns into a logistical nightmare. Moreover, the associated costs of printing and design can quickly accumulate, placing a strain on an organization’s budget.

Outsourcing to Onstage Publications Managed Program Book Services

Enter professional program book managed services companies, like Onstage Publications – a specialized firm equipped to handle every aspect of program book publishing. By outsourcing this task, performing arts organizations can not only streamline their processes but also benefit from significant cost savings. Here are several ways in which outsourcing to Onstage Publications can prove advantageous:

  1. Print Buying Power: Onstage Publications has established relationships with reputable printers, leveraging their print buying power to secure more favorable rates on printing costs. This translates into immediate cost savings for the performing arts organization.
  2. Layout and Design Expertise: Crafting an aesthetically pleasing and informative program book requires a keen eye for design and layout. Onstage Publications employs skilled designers who specialize in creating visually appealing program books tailored to the unique needs of each organization. Outsourcing ensures a polished and professional look that reflects positively on the organization, and with Onstage, this is included in the pricing.
  3. Logistical Management: Coordinating the various stages of program book publishing, from design to printing to delivery, can be overwhelming. Onstage Publications takes on this responsibility, allowing organizations to focus on their core activities. With a dedicated team managing logistics, the chances of errors or delays are significantly reduced.
  4. Delivery Tracking: Timely delivery is crucial in the world of performing arts. Outsourcing to Onstage Publications ensures not only that program books are delivered on time but also provides a streamlined system for tracking the delivery status, offering peace of mind to the organization.
  5. Digital Version: In the age of digital transformation, Onstage Managed Program Book Services includes the creation of a digital version that can be easily accessed by the audience. This not only aligns with modern preferences but also enhances accessibility for a wider audience.


Embracing Onstage Publications for program book management marks a transformative strategy, redefining how performing arts organizations approach the pivotal task of their program book planning. Harnessing the formidable print buying power of Onstage Publications, tapping into their expert design and layout skills, and relieving the organization of logistical intricacies are key facets of this innovative approach. Furthermore, by seamlessly introducing audiences to a digital version, this strategic move not only yields substantial cost and time savings but also positions organizations to seamlessly adapt to the expectations of future audiences.

In an era where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, embracing the expertise of Onstage Publications as your program book provider of choice is a logical step for performing arts organizations looking to enhance their operations and provide a seamless experience for both performers and audiences alike. Elevate your event experience – let Onstage Publications be your partner in creating captivating program books that leave a lasting impression.

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