Strategies for Performing Arts Organizations to Cut Print and Design Costs

For performing arts organizations, creating beautiful, engaging program books is a vital part of enhancing the audience experience. However, with tight budgets and limited resources, the costs of designing and printing quality programs can be prohibitive. As organizations look to balance mission and margin, reevaluating traditional print expenditures is critical. Luckily, with the right strategies, there are effective ways for arts organizations to reduce print and design costs.

The Current Landscape: Reliance on Printed Programs

Traditionally, performing arts organizations have relied heavily on glossy, printed programs to enrich each performance. And while the allure of digital-only programs is strong in our digital age, printed programs still provide unrivaled engagement and serve as enduring mementos. The challenge lies in providing this experience cost-effectively.

Cost-Cutting Strategies: Outsourcing Print and Design

The optimal solution involves exploring alternatives to full in-house publishing. Partnering with specialized performing arts program book publisher providers can provide quality programs at a fraction of traditional costs. These services offer end-to-end program creation with flexible options to meet any budget.

Case Study: Onstage Managed Program Book Services

A prime example is Onstage Managed Program Book Services, a specialized provider catered specifically for performing arts organizations. Onstage delivers customized print and design services scaled to each client’s needs. By consolidating and streamlining the entire program book production process, Onstage reduces expenses by up to 50% over traditional printing options. The Onstage team handles every detail, allowing organizations to provide stunning programs performance after performance.

Rethinking Workflows for Meaningful Savings

The savings from optimized print and design services can then be reallocated to mission-critical areas like staff investment, facility upgrades, and expanding community engagement programs. As the performing arts ecosystem continues to face economic challenges, rethinking traditional program book workflows is an opportunity for meaningful savings without sacrificing program book quality.

A New Path Forward for Printed Programs

While printed programs have long been a staple of the performing arts experience, today’s budget realities mean organizations must reexamine old workflows. Partnering with performing arts program book specialists represents a new path to reducing costs and furthering the mission. With strategic changes, arts organizations can continue delighting audiences with memorable programs for years to come.

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