Turn Your Program Book into a Fundraising Machine

Is your performing arts organization still using the same old fundraising methods? You know, the ones that typically involve sending a paper brochure to potential donors and hoping it will generate much-needed funds.

Fundraising is a crucial part of every performing arts organization’s sustainability. But it also helps pay for other things such as new costumes or to pay the wages of your stage crew. Whatever the motivation behind performing arts fundraising, digital program books can provide your organization with a simple and effective way to communicate with patrons.

What are Digital Program Books?

A digital program book lets you create a personalized program book for your performing arts organization. You can share your digital program with patrons who attend your events, make it available on your website, or share it with local businesses and media publications. 

As compared to a traditional paper-based program, a digital program book has many more features. It still lists information about your organization or event, including cast and crew details, show synopses, song lists, media reviews, and advertising space. However, it also lets you engage with potential donors in your community, allowing you to raise funds for your organization. 

A digital program book can optimize your performing arts fundraising efforts

Collect Donors’ Details

A digital program book can collect information like potential donors’ names, addresses, and email addresses to build a fundraising list. The best digital program books protect patrons’ data while letting you create lucrative fundraising campaigns.

2-Way Messaging

The right digital program book allows you to send direct messages about your fundraising efforts to your patrons. Doing so can be an effective (and instant) way to raise money for your arts organization. 

Mass Texts

Send bulk texts to donors about your arts organization’s fundraising objectives and spread the word about your cause. Mass SMS messages can be a great way to raise awareness about your campaigns and generate interest from the local community. 


Send surveys to audiences and community members through your digital program book and generate more information for your fundraising campaigns. You can get valuable feedback from patrons with SMS-based surveys and polls.

Flash Polls 

Get even faster feedback from audiences with real-time flash polls. Use that information to make smarter decisions about fundraising activities in your organization. 


You can receive donations from the community directly through text messages. Text donations are more convenient, making raising the funds you need easier than ever. 

Did you know that one performing arts organization raised over $1,500 from one text message alone through Audience Access?


Now you can get real-time metrics about your performing arts fundraising campaigns through your digital program book. Learn how many people have donated to your cause, how much they donated, and other valuable insights.

Why Choose Onstage: Audience Access?

Audience Access is a digital program book that uses SMS to engage patrons who want to support your performing arts organization. Unlike other digital program books, there are no apps to install. Patrons scan a QR code on their smartphones or use SMS to access your program book. 

Take your fundraising to new levels with segmentation. Segmentation allows you to target different audiences with different campaigns.

Complete control over your digital program book is now simpler than ever with Audience Access. No templates, no rigid rules; with Audience Access you are in control even down to your organization’s branding guidelines! You can even set the publishing date in advance, so you can relax come time of the performance. 

Launched in 2013, Audience Access is now the world’s simplest digital program book. It’s the perfect solution for performing arts organizations looking for unique ways to reach audiences and donors and save on costly print. 

Final Words

The performing arts industry is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, resulting in a fundraising crisis. Organizations have turned to digital methods to raise money for events, equipment, cast, and crew. In particular, digital program books engage audiences more effectively than traditional paper-based fundraising methods. That’s because digital programs help you collect donations via text, generate feedback about your campaigns, track your fundraising efforts, gather patrons’ details, and communicate with donors. 

See why over 100 performing arts organizations are already use Audience Access to connect with their patrons. Sign up for your FREE Community version of Audience Access today. 

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