Are you ready to get phygital? Not just a buzzword and not just the latest fad, phygital is the future of audience engagement. Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world and the physical world, providing a unique, interactive experience for performing arts patrons. This blend of “physical” and “digital” is the next big evolution in marketing strategy and audience outreach.

Performing arts patrons already expect a seamless, omnichannel experience in their daily lives. From work to shopping to entertainment, they expect companies to marry physical and digital touchpoints for a unified customer journey. In fact, a recent McKinsey report highlights the fact that “most Gen Z consumers don’t even think in terms of traditional channel boundaries… and they increasingly evaluate brands and retailers on the seamlessness of their experience.” The same applies when it comes to enjoying and experiencing performing arts: the ability to engage with your patrons seamlessly across physical and digital channels is not just a nice-to-have – it’s the new normal.  

Bringing ‘Phygital’ to Life

So how to bring ‘phygital’ to life in your organization? In the performing arts world, digital program books are the key component to connecting the physical and digital experience. Digital program books allow patrons to merge the sensory-rich, physical joy of a memorable performance with personalized digital touchpoints and other data-driven features that enhance their overall experience. Instead of the static, one-way communication of paper program books, a digital program book provides truly immersive engagement in a consistent, repeatable model. 

A successful phygital strategy driven by a digital program book platform lets you engage with the audience based on their interests, deliver targeted ads and messaging, and communicate meaningfully with your patrons. This strategy can also make your organization a favorite in the minds and hearts of your patrons. As a recent CMSWire article points out, the phygital transformation has “dramatically altered the customer experience landscape for the connected consumer, whose higher-than-ever expectations and choices make it harder for businesses to stand out”.  Digital program books are a key piece of that landscape for organizations who want to be front-of-mind for their advertising partners and their patrons.

Phygital may be a trending marketing topic right now, but it’s trending because it represents the future of audience engagement. As you evolve your marketing strategy to embrace digital program books and the compelling audience data that they provide, phygital will become a cornerstone of how you grow your performing arts business.

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