Have You Ever Data Mined Your Program Book?

Have you every thought your program books could have the power to increase revenues, cut costs, and improve patron relations? Sounds like a lot to ask of a humble program book. But with digital program books, you can find and mine a treasure trove of patron data to help you accomplish all of this and more.

Data Mining Your Digital Program Book

Data mining is the process of finding patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes. Simply put, data mining helps you analyze, understand, and even predict your patrons’ behavior. And with digital program books, data becomes your best friend. For every marketing decision, cost reduction strategy or advertising question you can think of, your digital program book platform holds the data to support your analysis and final decisions. That’s because a multitude of data points and actions are captured whenever patrons interact with digital program books. This data then becomes the basis for behavior analysis, spotting patterns, and identifying trends. You can segment your patrons to provide targeted communications, help vendors make smarter decisions on ad spend, or even make programming decisions based on patron feedback. 

But if your performing arts organization still uses printed program books, then data mining and all of its keen insights are pretty much out of the question. Paper programs and last minute inserts can’t reveal anything about your audience. In fact, you can’t even tell who read those paper booklets and who stuffed them under their seat without a glance. That’s why transitioning to a digital program book model is the first step to take advantage of the data garnered from digital interactions with your audience. 

The transition can be as simple as reducing the length of your printed program books as you develop comprehensive, interactive program and advertising content presented in digital format. As you and your patrons begin to adopt this new approach, you can also reduce the number of paper program books you print before each performance. This technique will make data mining seamless as your digital program books begin to gather more and more patron data for you. 

If you’re ready to transform your  program books into a valuable source of audience insights, then contact us today to learn more about the Audience Access digital program book platform and how it can start working for you.

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