When you have to buy a $75,000 van to cut your shipping costs, you know something’s got to give. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal finds that shipping costs are soaring yet again, and businesses are scrambling to find workarounds, no matter how creative or desperate.

Spending $75,000 to Cut Shipping Costs? 

If you’ve noticed your printing and shipping costs have gone up dramatically, you’re not imagining things. Inflationary pressures combined with supply chain issues have tipped the scale on the cost of producing physical materials. A tight labor market certainly doesn’t help, driving up labor costs and putting workers under tremendous pressure. As if that isn’t enough, rising fuel costs, new delivery surcharges, and higher service fees all add to the pain you feel when trying to produce or ship physical materials. As for the business owner who bought their own delivery van to save money on shipping costs? That kind of jaw-dropping decision could become a reality for any business.  

Digital Program Books Effectively Eliminate Rising Costs 

Unfortunately, performing arts organizations holding their ground on using old-school, printed program books are not going to be immune either. Whether you tap a major printer or your local printer, those higher delivery costs have to be absorbed by someone – usually you! And no matter how much of a ‘great relationship’ you have with your local printer, you can be sure the increased labor costs and supply and materials costs are coming your way too.

With a looming recession, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies are on everyone’s mind. A simple way to eliminate huge costs is by transitioning to a digital program book. With digital delivery of online program book content, your cost to produce and deliver paper program books will plummet. And the good news is you don’t have to eliminate all your printed program books at once. You can still realize significant savings by transitioning to our light digital program book model. This model lets you gradually lighten up your printed program books, printing fewer and shorter runs while offsetting more content in your digital program books. With this model, your patrons can choose the best experience for them (digital or paper program books) and you can still cut costs quickly. Everyone walks away happy. Contact us today to explore the digital program book model that’s right for your organization.

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