Did You Know Your Program Book Is a Lead Magnet?

It’s true! Your program book can be a powerful lead magnet… but only if you’re using the right digital program book. 

Traditional Program Books Provide No Patron Insight

As any marketer knows, capturing unique email addresses and mobile numbers of your patrons is getting harder and harder. No one wants to hand over their contact information just to be bombarded with promotional emails or texts. And with the days of website cookies going bye-bye, finding another way to get these unique emails and mobile numbers is becoming increasingly important.

In your role as a performing arts marketer, you also have another very unique problem. You have no way of knowing anything about the individuals in each of your seats! Sure, you may have lead magnets on your website to capture emails (and perhaps mobile numbers) of people who are buying tickets, But those people are most likely buying two or more tickets or even a large block of seats for a group. And there lies the conundrum… who are the other tickets for? 

Audience Access Turns Your Program Book Into a Lead Magnet

With a digital program book, you’ve put a link to the program in the hands of every audience member via their phone or mobile device. Everyone in those seats has to open that link in order to view that night’s program. When you use Audience Access for your digital program book, every patron who opens your digital program book now becomes visible, making your program book the ultimate lead magnet!

And the power of lead generation doesn’t stop there. As your audience members browse the program book, they may click links to request more information, purchase upcoming performance tickets, or respond to a survey. Now the possibilities for targeted engagement, future sales, and promotional opportunities are truly endless. 

Audience Access makes it simple to capture more email addresses and mobile numbers, helping you convert those audience members into solid leads. To learn more about how you can turn your program book into a lead-generating machine, contact us today.

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