Have you looked at your latest print bills? It’s pretty shocking, right? And are your ad sales or ticket sales covering these huge print bills? Our guess is probably not.

Today’s Business Model: Rising Costs, Delivery Delays, and  Inflation

Advertisers are cutting their ad spend across the board as they respond to rising costs and inflation pressures. As a result, total ad sales are plummeting. Ticket sales are suffering as well. Consumers grappling with job insecurity and rising inflation don’t want to commit to season tickets or advanced ticket sales. And worse, some are opting not to spend on performances at all. 

As if lower ticket sales and ad sales weren’t enough, your staff is probably pulling their hair out trying to meet tight printer deadlines, too. The printing team has to deal with this new way of doing business (and it’s definitely for the worse). They have to allow for longer lead times to order paper and supplies along with longer lead times for delivery. 

Supply chain issues continue to have a negative impact as well, not just on the print team struggling to get their supplies, but on all of the operations at your performing arts organization. In fact, a recent Inside the Arts article found that performing arts costs are skyrocketing in every category due to inflation. Rising costs combined with the pinch of inflation and the uncertainty of critical supplies are actually causing more performances to be canceled.

You Need a New Way to Cut Costs 

After all this, your staff members are burned out and you’re only one-third of the way through the season! There’s a simple solution: let Audience Access take the headache out of your program book publishing. Kiss all those supply chain issues, late delivery, and stressful hours goodbye. Creating and delivering digital program books through Audience Access will now be just a matter of clicks instead of weeks. 

The best part is that you can jump in anytime–because it’s digital! There’s no requirement to go ‘all or nothing’ with digital program books. You can try a smaller (shorter) digital program book, or try one out for a smaller performance. No matter how and when you adopt the digital program book model, the end result is that you’ll save a ton of money so you can do what you do best: keep the performances performing!

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