Here’s Why Post-Covid Audiences Will Welcome Digital Program Books

With vaccinations being distributed throughout the country, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is finally in sight. But that doesn’t mean that the world will emerge from this pandemic unscathed. Technology and people adapted over the past year and a half to handle Covid-19, but those same adaptations can be used to improve lives after Covid. Here’s why your audiences will appreciate the fact that you switched to digital program books, even after the Covid-19 pandemic is in the rearview mirror. 

Cleanliness & Safety

One benefit to digital program books is that they don’t require your audiences to physically touch anything that your ushers have already touched. Anxiety over health and germs rose dramatically in the face of Covid-19, and that anxiety is apt to last much longer than the disease itself. Now that people have seen firsthand how quickly an airborne virus can spread, they’re likely to be more diligent than ever before about things like handwashing and unnecessary touching. Offering digital program books shows your audiences that you understand the world they’re emerging from and have adapted your shows accordingly. 

Eco-Friendly Living

Even before Covid-19, global warming and pollution were very real issues on the minds of many. In fact, studies show that two-thirds of Americans prefer eco-friendly brands over brands that don’t prioritize making environmentally conscious decisions.  

Paper programs are wasteful. More often than not, they’re thrown away at the end of the show. This impacts the environment, but it also costs your company time, money, and resources. Switching to digital program books shows your audience that you care about the environment and your part in preserving the future. At the same time, it helps you save money in the long term. 


Unlike paper programs, which can easily be dropped in the middle of a show or get wet and ruined in a bathroom, digital program books can be accessed by your audience’s phones. It texts the information your audience wants directly to their phones, so they don’t have to download specialty apps or anything.  

Your digital programming can also be integrated with any ticketing system, so your audience can have everything they need to enjoy your show in one easy place. Data collection and analytics even allow you to target your messages to your audience based on how often they come to your show or which shows they’re interested in, so you can advertise in a way that speaks to your audience without spamming their inboxes. With digital program books, everyone’s a winner! 

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