Crunching the Numbers: Why Understanding Your Digital Program Book Data Is Crucial for Your Success

A good digital program book is not just an animated page turn or a PDF version of your paper program book. It should be interactive and engaging, and most importantly, it should provide you with business-critical insights in the form of digital audience data. This data is incredibly important if you want to truly know your patrons.

Open the Door to More Audience Data

Digital program books open the door to a new level of data insights. In the old days, beyond knowing how many program books you had printed, you had no way of knowing how many were actually being read. But a digital program book platform can tell you the exact number of people who opened the program. It’s almost like being a fly on the wall as you watch who opens their program books and who never lifts a finger. Armed with this information, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your outreach and promotional campaigns. Or you can use this information to make better-informed decisions on everything from spending to programming to marketing. 

Another valuable data point is the number of pages viewed by your patrons. If most people are viewing one or two pages and then closing the program book, you may need to work on a more appealing design or more engaging content. On the other hand, if your patrons are viewing all of the pages and clicking through all sections, then you know you have a winning design. Your patrons have paid good money to have a memorable experience, and an engaging program book will make that experience even better. 

Finally, digital program books provide one more crucial piece of information: the time a patron spends viewing each page. This can be extremely helpful in knowing which pages are well-designed with useful and engaging content, and which pages could use some help. Ultimately, this matters to your advertisers! Nobody wants their ad to languish on a page that’s not getting any views. By monitoring these numbers, you can proactively address any problem pages.

Turn Data into Action 

Patron engagement data becomes a jumping off point for taking action. If the data reveals problems with the patron experience, this is your chance to take immediate action to correct things. Improving the user experience as quickly as possible is critical to avoiding lost sales and unhappy patrons. Digital program book data also gives you keen insights into what your patrons like to click, view, and read in their program books. This in turn gives you the power to enhance your marketing and promotions, and offer your sponsors a unique avenue to your patrons.

When it comes to understanding the data from your digital program book, it’s important to know how patron behavior turns into customer actions that ultimately affect your business. At Audience Access, we know that analytics can be complex and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve simplified the process by converting confusing data into familiar terms you can easily understand in our brand-new, streamlined dashboard. We’ve taken the hard work out of analytics so you can make the decisions that matter. Contact us to learn more about the data-driven side of the audience experience.

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