A Marketing Machine For Performing Arts Organizations

In any sector, loyal customers are crucial for the business’ continuity because they offer stability. Loyal patrons are what keep the performing arts alive. To get loyal patrons, performing arts organizations first must know how to attract new patrons and then keep them. 

Performing arts organizations need strategic processes that effectively turn prospects into loyal patrons. But where to start? If done right, easily turn your marketing into a marketing machine! 

What is a Marketing Machine?

A marketing machine refers to a scientific process of creating loyal customers. As a process, the marketing machine has the following elements:

  • Strategic approach on generating new customers
  • A clear sales process
  • A compelling prospect nurturing process

Creating a marketing machine is critical to keep patrons loyal, and below are some performing arts strategies that arts organizations can implement to enhance patron loyalty.

Effective Strategies for Patron Loyalty

1. Rewards Programs

Reward programs are a good way of informing patrons that their ticket purchases and donations are appreciated and valued by the organization. Performing arts organizations can also offer reward programs that target patrons who showcase the highest engagement level. 

Organizations can use our digital program books to get details about loyal patrons, whereas an app can’t capture this data. Rewards programs are one of the efficient means of rewarding patrons who always come back. It is also a great way of encouraging patrons to give their feedback with easy to use surveys. 

2. Sharing Patron Data in Every Department

By sharing patron data in every department of the organization, the organization will be armed with better data to create better marketing campaigns. This strategy can be amplified when the organization has ongoing email or social media marketing campaigns. 

The data collected from our digital program book, Audience Access, accompanied with email and social media marketing is sure to turn your marketing into a marketing machine!

3. Creation of Segmented Lists

Segmenting your audience has never been easier with our digital program books to identify the most popular performances according to patrons. By capturing this unique data, organizations can then create segmented lists. These lists can then be used to develop personalized campaigns aiming to build patrons’ trust and make them feel valued.


Performing arts organizations can apply these tactics, just like any business, to increase the number of loyal patrons. Loyal patrons are crucial for the survival of the performing arts sector. But when you amplify these tactics with the right digital program book, any performing arts organization can turn its marketing into a marketing machine! Get Audience Access today and get more loyal patrons.

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