Using Audience Access to Unlock New Revenue Streams

The performing arts industry certainly has had its challenges in recent past, but nothing like Covid. The onset of Covid-19 has made it even harder for performing arts venues to get patrons, and hence revenue. However, with the virus now under control, and venues beginning to welcome back patrons, it is crucial to turn over every rock for new revenue streams to sustain themselves.

There are many ways in which performing arts organizations can increase their revenue. Using our digital program book can be an effective way of generating revenue. Keep reading to find out how our digital program books can help performing arts organizations unlock new revenue streams.

Quickly Sell Ad Packages

Ad packages are easier to sell when integrated into a digital tool like the digital program book. This is because ads showcased on digital tools are easier to access and ultimately track. Thus, performing arts patrons can easily tap the ads that interest them, whereas in the old days of print this was impossible

Faster Clicks

As discussed, patrons can easily click through the ads displayed on digital program books. This means that they will digest more information from the ads than they could have if advertisers displayed the ads elsewhere. As a result, performing arts patrons will be more informed than ever. Great ads are those that can capture the viewer’s attention fast as attention spans are different, and it’s a win-win for the performing arts organization and the advertiser. 

Enhanced User Engagement

Digital program books enable patrons to be more engaged with both the performing arts organization as well as the advertiser. Another great advantage of using digital tools to advertise is that performing arts organizations can use the same tools to collect user information, enabling advertisers to create more valuable ads. Our digital program books are made in a way that patrons can give their feedback using the same digital program books. 


Audience Access makes it simple to add another revenue stream (no pun intended!) Instead of relying on ticket sales and other income sources, performing arts organizations can use their digital program book to generate revenue.  

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