Why One-to-One Communication Trumps One-to-Many for Your Patrons

Regardless of the industry where they fall, every brand has to be dependable, accurate, and sufficient in providing services to clients. As a performing arts organization, one way to exceed your patrons’ expectations is by offering a great customer experience.

An effective two-way communication system is an effective means of ensuring performing arts patrons have a good experience. Below is more information on two-way communication.

What is One-to-One Communication?

Unlike social media where it is one-to-many, one-to-one is a much more personal communication method, very much like we communicate with our close circles every day, but still utilizing technology. Picture the game of tennis or volleyball. In both games, the ball is always thrown back and forth. This is what one-to-one communication should look like. In our case, the ball is the communication. Therefore, two-way communication can be defined as a back-and-forth conversation.

Benefits of One-to-One Communication

The following are some of the advantages of one-to-one communication.

1. Creates a Democratic Environment

For performing arts patrons to feel valued, there is a need for a democratic environment to share opinions, thoughts, and ideas. 

Offering a one-to-one communication system in the form of a platform with one-to-one text is one way that performing arts organizations can create a democratic environment for everyone involved.

2. Better Means of Solving Problems

One of the problems that most performing arts organizations face is maintaining the number of patrons and getting new patrons while at it. Luckily, a one-to-one communication system for the patrons offers a platform for them to share their views, so the organizers can get an insight into what can work and what cannot work.

Generally, one-to-one communication is a reliable method of solving problems. Everyone involved gets the other party’s opinion, hence making it easier to arrive at lasting solutions.

3. Improved Trust 

Improved trust is another importance of one-to-one communication for performing arts patrons. Having an excellent communication system that allows patrons to give their feedback is paramount in building trust. The patrons easily become loyal once they see the performing arts organization values their opinion. In turn, they give their honest views, which the organizers can implement to make the venues better for all parties involved.  


One-to-one communication is critical in every sector, especially the performing arts sector. A one-to-one communication system between the patrons and performing arts organizations is one way of building patrons’ loyalty and efficiently solving problems.

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