You Don’t Have to Ditch Print! How Digital Program Books Give the Best of Both Worlds

If you’ve been wondering whether to make the switch from printed to digital program books, the good news is you can have your cake and eat it too! There is no requirement to stop using printed media when you adopt digital program books. In fact, with a blended approach, you can cut your marketing and advertising costs AND reach more audience members at the same time. 

Cutting Your Budget While Increasing Your Exposure?

Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not! So, how can you add a new media type to your marketing offering AND save money? It’s not a magic trick: you can start by reducing the number of paper program books you design and print. Let your digital program books do the lion’s share of the work as audience members access their program books by text message, respond to special offers embedded in the online version, and engage with you through post-performance surveys. The few paper program books you do print will serve to supplement your digital materials, and you’ll immediately see lower printing costs, time, and labor as your print job gets smaller.

Save Tons of Time Too!

Another aspect that will save you money is the simplified layout and design of your old paper program books. That’s right – your PAPER program books will become shorter and easier to design. That’s because, with Audience Access, you can quickly design digital program books that are elegant, up-to-date, and packed full of relevant information like upcoming performance schedules and local advertising offers. Since all this timely information is now in your digital program book, you no longer have to cram it into your paper program book, making changes and issuing corrections until you’re down to the wire. Instead, you can streamline your paper program book layout to reduce the content and shorten the number of pages to a much simpler format. This will save you layout and proofing time, and you can finally kiss your paper design headaches goodbye.

Today’s audiences are increasingly living online, and they will appreciate having the choice to access their program book digitally or on paper. Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of this unique and effective approach.

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