When we began designing Audience Access, we wanted to create something that combined all the best features of printed program books with all the most advanced techniques of SMS marketing and online access. It took repeated trips to the drawing board, plenty of careful market research, and decades of hard-won experience. But in the end, it was worth it. We’ve developed an interactive program book experience that’s truly a game-changer for everyone including the patrons, the performing arts organization, and the advertisers.

Decrease Your Costs

Using program books to generate advertising revenue isn’t a new concept. Did you know that in ancient Roman times, vendors would set up concession stands to sell food and trinkets to the visitors who came to watch the gladiators do battle? Wherever people have gathered for entertainment, advertisers and salespeople have gathered to sell to them. And over the centuries, businesses and performing arts venues have perfected their techniques and evolved their relationships to include full-blown program books, offering advertising at venues around the world.

But while program book advertising is a sound concept, it’s never cheap or easy. Think of the time and labor involved in finding and signing new customers. Add to that the time-intensive and often expensive task of collecting ad proofs, creating drafts, and printing the final product. Over time, performing arts organizations have had to divide their attention and become salespeople, designers, and publishers instead of focusing on their venue and performances. By transitioning to a digital program book model, a lot of this becomes automated so that your staff can now concentrate on what they do best, freeing up much-needed resources.

Increase Your Revenue

Where traditional printed program books could only scratch the surface, digital program books take full advantage of sales potential. Now your audience doesn’t just see static ads. They can click eye-catching, engaging ads and interact with the advertisers for a richer experience. With the information collected through Audience Access, advertisers have unprecedented insight into their audience and can serve up more relevant advertising.

And best of all, we make the entire advertising sales process simple for performing arts organizations. Included with your subscription to Audience Access is an integrated ad sales system that allows you to upload an email list of businesses in your area. With just a few clicks, you are on your way to increased revenue as the system collects signed and paid ad agreements! If it sounds like having your own personal ATM, that’s because it kind of is just like a money machine.

If you’re ready to take your advertising sales to the next level, contact us today. Our targeted approach to ad sales, ad interactions, and audience engagement could be exactly the new change you’re looking for.

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