Unlocking the Potential of Audience Engagement: How a Simple Text Message Can Transform Your Performing Arts Marketing Strategy

As a performing arts marketer, you recognize the importance of truly knowing your audience members. But in a world where one person might purchase a block of tickets for a large group of people, knowing the individuals in those seats seemed like an impossible feat. Impossible, that is, until text-delivered digital program books arrived on the scene.

Turn a Simple Text Message into Transformative Marketing Data

When can a simple text message transform your entire marketing campaign? When it’s packed full of recent, accurate contact information of audience members who want to hear more from you. All of this is possible thanks to the unique delivery mechanism of digital program books. 

The first step in this strategy is to offer digital program book delivery via text message to a mobile device. By requiring attendees to text a keyword to receive their digital program book, you can capture their mobile numbers and link them to their seat numbers. With this information, you’ve achieved the first success in that elusive search for contact information. You now know the name and contact information of every person in every seat.

But that’s only the beginning. While you may be thrilled to finally know more about who is sitting in each seat, your next step should be to take this information and gain further insights into the demographics of your audience, such as age, location, and interests. With this knowledge, you can create targeted marketing campaigns and promotions for future performances that cater to the preferences of your audience. You can even tailor your marketing messaging to different segments of your audience based on their demographics, past performance attendance, and responses to post-event surveys. 

Audience Engagement That Drives Audience Insights 

Digital program books provide your audience members with a convenient, seamless way to connect to performance information. And that first ‘connection’ then opens the door to audience member engagement. Imagine having a direct line to your audience members so you can promote special offers and promotions, send performance feedback surveys, and present upcoming event announcements. Audience members can respond to these requests or make their own inquiries, all while engaging with your organization in a way that’s both authentic and memorable. You’ll create a loyal fan base who keep coming back for more.

Empowering Your Performing Arts Marketing Strategy with Audience Insights

Collecting mobile phone numbers for digital program book delivery allows you to build a trove of recent, accurate, and relevant contact information. With this kind of information at your fingertips, you can send out targeted text message campaigns to promote future shows or events, engage with the audience to gather feedback or provide a conduit for audience questions. Your marketing strategy can then evolve to take advantage of these unique audience insights. 

And where your old communication strategy might have been a ‘blanket’ approach, you can now precisely target different segments of your audience for more relevant and attractive engagement. For example, you might recognize first-time attendees and thank them with a discount on their next ticket purchase. Or you might target attendees of a certain performance to let them know of a limited availability ‘meet ‘n’ greet’ engagement with the artist. The possibilities are endless once you have audience insights to power your performing art marketing strategy.

Get Ready to Unlock the Potential of Audience Engagement 

With the power of text-delivered digital program books,  you can put those days of NOT knowing who is sitting in your seats behind you. Instead, you’ll gain a better understanding of your audience and create a more engaging and personalized experience for them, all while transforming your marketing strategy. Are you ready to see what this strategy looks like firsthand? Contact us to learn more about this game-changing approach to marketing and engagement. 

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