Revolutionizing Audience Engagement: Enhancing Patron Experience with Text-delivered Digital Program Books

How can performing arts organizations bring audience engagement to the next level? The game-changing success factor is the ability to create -meaningful, ongoing connections with audience members. Text-delivered digital program books do just that, providing an immersive, interactive experience that turns audience members into loyal supporters.

What Defines Successful Audience Engagement?

Your audience members connect with you for just a few hours when they attend a performance. But how do you maintain and grow that connection when they leave? Successful performing arts audience engagement means turning those few hours into a meaningful, lasting connection. It goes beyond simply attracting people to attend a performance, but instead, creating an emotional connection with the audience that turns them from spectators into fans of your programs and your organization.

Increasing Audience Engagement with Text-Delivered Digital Program Books

A digital program book delivered by text messaging can become an integral part of your audience engagement strategy. The ‘engagement’ aspect is driven by several factors, leading to a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves a lasting impression. 


Everyone values convenience, and digital program books provide the ultimate ease of use. By delivering the program book directly to an audience member’s mobile device, they can easily access information about the performance at any time, without the need to carry a physical program book. Audience members will already use their mobile devices to prepare for the performance as they order a rideshare, check the weather, make a restaurant reservation, take pictures, or check in with friends and family. Providing the program book on the same device is a natural fit and brings the program directly to them. 


A digital program book delivered by text messaging can be designed to be more accessible to people with visual or physical disabilities, as it can include features such as larger text sizes and audio descriptions. By making your program book more accessible, you will differentiate yourself from other performing arts organizations while earning the trust and thanks of your patrons. 


A digital program book is ideally positioned to encourage interaction providing an immersive experience for your audience. Instead of the flat, one-way view found in paper-based program books, audience members will naturally find themselves engaging with the seamless interactive design elements of a digital program book. As they click on links to learn more about the performers, the production, or the organization, audience members will go from being passive spectators to engaged and loyal supporters.


Creating and distributing a digital program book can be more cost-effective than printing and distributing a physical program book, especially for smaller organizations with limited resources. Consider the cost of materials, the time and resources needed for publishing program books, storage space and transportation for all those copies… the costs quickly add up. As organizations look to trim costs and align with stringent budgets, transitioning to digital program books can help slash those costs while pivoting to a modern engagement model. 

Audience data collection

When audience members sign up to receive a digital program book by text messaging, they can provide their contact information, which can then be used by the organization for future marketing and audience engagement efforts. This audience data is priceless because it is relevant, up-to-date and accurate. It can be used to drive post-event feedback collection, successful marketing programs, and exciting outreach campaigns. All of this is possible thanks to the delivery of digital program books to audience member mobile devices. 

Text-Delivered Digital Program Books Revolutionize the World of Audience Engagement

In the end, a digital program book delivered by text messaging not only provides a convenient, interactive engagement experience for performing arts audiences, it also helps to streamline and reduce the costs of traditional program book delivery. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use text-delivered digital program books to connect with audiences while collecting valuable audience data, contact us today. We’d love to show you just how this exciting development is revolutionizing the world of audience engagement.

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