How To Use Audience Data For An Experience Like No Other

For centuries, the performing arts has been a significant source of entertainment for people all over the world. Performing arts is one of the industries that has remained unchanged for many years of its existence. 

Now, change is here in the form of data analytics. Data availability through avenues like digital program books has enabled performing arts organizations to get crucial audience data. Keep reading to find out more ways of how the availability of audience data helps performing arts organizations.

Target Your Audience

When collected properly, not to mention seamlessly, this type of data helps performing arts organizations to be more efficient in targeting both present and future audiences. The information also helps arts organizations create more specific promotions for their audience. 

Some of the data organizations can use to their advantage includes purchasing history, newsletter signups, and promotions. By analyzing such data points, organizations can better understand their audience to serve them the information they want on a more personal level.  

Create Engaging Experiences

Performing arts organizations require more than ideas to create engaging experiences. For such experiences, organizations need strategies that are backed by solid data. 

The data acquired from software such as digital program books gives organizations more insight into the audiences behavior. This insight is crucial in creating experiences and ad campaigns that drive the emotions of the audience. 

Engaging experiences are crucial for the survival of performing arts organizations. Such performances keep the audience coming back and even enable the organization to get new audience members that quickly become loyal patrons.

Create Effective Ad Campaigns

Knowing crucial information like the audience’s demographics can help organizations develop more effective ad campaigns. Moreover, this data gives organizations an insight into niches that can help form the best ad campaigns and promotions for this audience. With this valuable audience data at hand, organizations can then target specific audience groups with tailored marketing messages


Now that you know how audience data can be helpful, it is time to get that data. Our digital program book Audience Access is an efficient way of getting valuable audience metrics to help you develop efficient marketing strategies. Get to really know your audience and increase ticket sales by getting the digital program book that all your peers are using.

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