How Digital Program Books Create an Immersive Experience

As the performing arts industry puts the effects of COVID-19 in the past, some of the innovations that sprouted during that time remain more relevant than ever. One of the biggest innovations has been the immersive audience experience that comes with using digital program books. But what does that immersive experience really provide?

New Channels for Streamlined Ticket Sales

In the old days, sales channels involved patrons calling the box office or going to a website to buy tickets. Performing arts organizations were really at the mercy of their ticket sales platforms, and their data collection was limited at best: a patron buying 20 tickets gave no data insights into those 20 individuals. 

The digital program book creates an entirely immersive experience for patrons, giving you new streamlined sales channels where you are top of mind for your patrons. You can easily include a “buy tickets” button within your digital program book, allowing the audience to buy tickets for a future event right from their seats while they are in the moment. What’s more, a program book content management system allows you to sell tickets for future events by text messaging patrons who have visited previously and now have a relationship with your venue.

Personalize Your Marketing Strategy with Better Data Collection

Feedback is critical to the success of any marketing strategy, but it’s impossible to gauge audience interests with printed program books. With digital program books, your organization can streamline feedback collection and collect more and better customer data than you ever thought possible. 

The digital program book platform lets you track usage and click-through rates, providing a wealth of personalized data that can drive future marketing campaigns. And the immersive nature of the digital program book means you can capture audience feedback when they are excited and engaged, not rushed or distracted. All of this provides a great opportunity to showcase the potential ROI for advertisers who partner with your organization.  

Communicate Directly With Your Audience

The old paper program books created a communication barrier between your organization and the patrons. And without communication, you risked patrons not returning for future shows. With a digital program book, you can integrate two-way messaging or call forwarding, creating a seamless and instantaneous communication channel. 

With the immersive aspect of this experience, the audience gets to ask questions, applaud the performances, and make critical recommendations on the platform. You can even have greater consumer engagement through post-performance surveys. When you adopt digital program books, you break down those communication and participation walls between yourself and your target audience.

Cutting Budget Costs and Saving Time With Digital Content

It may sound like an oxymoron: you’re going to add a new, immersive media component to your marketing mix that will REDUCE budget costs? It’s true! With the right content management system, you can reduce the sheer number of paper program books that you design, print and store. And while your old paper program books were bulky and full of stale information, your new paper program books can be short and sweet, since your most relevant and recent information is kept in the digital version. Since your virtual content is much easier to design, update, and share with patrons, it will reduce the overall costs that come with managing, producing and distributing paper content.

The time savings are real, too. Since all your most valuable performance information is kept in a digital format, you no longer have to waste time cramming it into your paper program books or issuing last-minute corrections. It becomes easier and faster to make changes when you can access all your digital content in a simple-to-use dashboard. 

Are you ready to take advantage of an immersive digital program book experience? Contact us to learn more about the incredible experience that is Audience Access. 

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