5 Reasons To Transition To A Digital Program Book Today

Technology has opened new doors for advertising, promotion and audience outreach through digital program books. But are you ready to step through those doors? You don’t have to wonder any longer: we have five unbeatable reasons you should give digital program books a try. 

1. Lower Cost to Publish

Many performing arts organizations must grapple with thinning budgets, which means managing marketing costs is more important than ever. Digital program books cost significantly less to publish and distribute than printed program books. Without those traditional production costs, including paper, ink, shipping, and labor, digital program books are an attractive and affordable option. 

2. Easier to Sell Advertising and Sponsorships

Selling print advertising and sponsorships in today’s increasingly digital world can be challenging. With printed ads, it’s almost impossible to capture views or conversions effectively. And the fact that most printed program books will end up in a trash can or left on a seat makes the sale even more difficult. Not so with digital program books: ads become instantly trackable because digital ads can incorporate links leading directly to the advertiser’s landing page. This makes it easier to capture trends and analytics, offering your advertisers and sponsors valuable insights backed by accurate data. 

3. Reduced Waste

The old paper publishing model produces tremendous waste. Let’s start with the excess program books many organizations order with the hopes of entirely sold-out houses. Hundreds, if not thousands, of unused printed program books end up being discarded. On top of that, many program books are forgotten or left behind by patrons, adding to that waste. Digital program books have a completely virtual footprint and effectively eliminate this waste.

4. No Storage Space Required

Say goodbye to those stacks of boxes crowding your supply closets and offices, overflowing with bulky printed program books. In some cases, organizations receive these deliveries by the truckload and even pay for offsite storage!. With digital program books, you won’t have massive amounts of paper requiring storage. Instead, you will always have the perfect quantity available.

5. Printed Program Books Can’t Market Like This…

Unlike printed program books, digital program books open a whole new world for performing arts marketers. Benefits include segmented marketing campaigns, greater audience engagement, and the ability to gather audience feedback through surveys and questionnaires. All of this information on program book usage is then presented in a simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to focus your marketing efforts even more efficiently. This is where the benefits of online campaigns really shine through. 

Now that you know the benefits of digital program books, why not try them out yourself, no strings attached? Sign up for our free Community version of Audience Access today to see the difference!  

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