A Printed Program Book Can’t Do This!

Using only text messages and an Internet browser, Audience Access provides your patrons everything they would find in a traditionally printed program and so much more. No third-party apps, logins, or installations are required, yet efficiently connects you to your patrons with enhanced, customizable 2-way messaging. Here are five powerful features waiting for you. 

#1 Data Collection

Not only does your audience have easier access to your information, you have easier access to audience statistical data. Quickly gather valuable feedback from interactive surveys and multiply your email list as patrons text you their addresses. Curious as to what parts of your program get the most attention and what might be overlooked? You can easily track what your audience found the most interesting with click-throughs and usage data. With all that information at your fingertips, your future programs can easily grow and develop in the right direction.  

#2 Sponsors and Ads

Your regular program sponsors and advertisers will love Audience Access. While static ads continue to be an option, eye-catching animated ads are a great alternative! With animation, advertisements become more dramatic, flexible, and memorable. Movement is hard to ignore. With the included analytics, you’ll have direct access to what is working to give your advertisers the most bang for their buck. 

#3 Texting-to-Donate

In addition to your sponsors and advertisers, we understand how important audience donations are to the arts. With the Audience Access text-to-donate feature, it’s easier than ever to receive their contributions. Don’t wait for them to pick up an envelope on their way out the door or to navigate to your website after the show. Our built-in feature can appeal to them in the moment, while the beauty of your performing art is front and center. You already know that your audience is generous. Why not make the donation process as easy as possible for them? 

#4 Flash Polls

Are you looking for ways to ensure audience engagement or bring your them into the show? Look no further than our flash polls. Your audience members can participate through easy text messages to generate results in real time. Make them fun and engrossing! Bring the audience to edge of their seats as the results surge. The content is fully customizable for your event and needs. 

#5 Print Shop

Going digital is eco-friendly, safe, and healthy in our world situation today. However, we all have one or two dog-eared, care-worn programs among our keepsakes. Coming across them in a scrapbook or on a bookshelf brings back the magic and wonder of that special concert, play, or sporting event from years ago. Don’t worry that you’re losing the option to provide this to your patrons. Through Audience Access, you can order physical copies from the print shop to have on hand at your event as well. You can provide both digital and print in quantities that work for you and your audience! 

These are just five features of our fully functional, interactive digital program. Did we mention we’ll provide you with a custom color theme and fonts? Check out our website to learn more about innovative features coming soon and give our 14-day free trial a whirl. Contact Audience Access today.

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