The World’s Dying to Know…Digital or Print?

At any performance, program books are a crucial part of the experience by providing pertinent performance-specific information and details. The traditional printed program book is a static printout that can’t be changed once it is ready. But what about a digital program book, allowing for connection, monetization, and better relationships with the audience, and also last-minute changes?

A digital program book gives your patrons the information they need in a cost-effective, user-friendly way. Instead of expensive, printed hard copies that cannot do anything beyond providing basic information, a digital program book delivers results. Audience Access is a beautiful digital program book that uses texting to connect you directly to your patrons, all in an easy-to-use platform.

Get More From Your Program Book

A turnkey digital program book like Audience Access goes far beyond what a hard copy program book can do. Audience Access comes with built-in features designed to make your life simpler while providing an enhanced experience to your patrons.

A digital program book is not only a program but also an interactive gateway to your patrons. It works in both directions, giving guests access to the performance-specific info they need while allowing for insightful data analytics about your patrons. For example, a digital program book allows for two-way messaging. If your guests have questions or comments, it’s easy to offer the answers they need to improve their experience.

You can also integrate the program book with your ticketing system, surveys, and data collection processes. With this, you can be more aware of what your audience enjoys, and what could be improved. Use integrated analytics to see how people are using your digital program book, and use that to make your performances even better.

You can use your digital program book to highlight sponsors with clickable ads, flash polls in real-time, and order printouts with the print shop integration. Add in the service icons, like concessions, valet parking, and merchandise, and you have a digital program book that truly brings the performance to life.

Not A Clunky App!

Audience Access boasts a key benefit — it does not require any kind of third-party app download. Your patrons want to have a good night – that means they don’t want to download a new app to their device just to get the program book. Instead, Audience Access is delivered to your patrons by way of text message, is web-based, and fully branded to your organization.

Whether the audience is live or virtual, all they need is a mobile device to get the digital program book. With 20,000 messages per month, you can connect with your audience where they are already–on their phones. Why not take advantage of that access by sending not just the program book, but sponsor information, text-to-donate messages, and more?

A digital program book, using the text message platform, ensures that your audience gets the right message at the right time. We make it happen. Get in touch with us today to start your free trial!

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