Still Thinking About Printed Program Books? You May Want To Think Again!

There’s always been a dark secret within the performing arts industry. What is it, you might ask? Printed program books! We have been publishing printed program books for the performing arts industry for over 20 years, and we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most inefficient aspects of the performing arts industry. And the move to digital program books is not a fashion or aesthetic trend. It has serious benefits for organizations, patrons, and the environment.

Anyone working in the performing arts industry will be aware of the waste associated with printed program books. No matter how conservative we are with printed program books, the result is almost always discarded material and books left over. What happens to most of these leftover and discarded books at the end of the performance? Not a lot. That means significant avoidable waste. Digitizing program books combats waste, reduces costs, and introduces exciting design possibilities and benefits to patrons.

Why Turn to Digital Program Delivery?

Reasons for turning to digital program books are compelling.

Sourcing paper

We are aware that the world is experiencing serious and continued disruption to the global supply chain, primarily but not entirely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is not going away any time soon. And neither are the problems sourcing supplies around the world, including paper.

Difficulties getting hold of paper are leading to longer lead times for deliveries and increased costs. A digital program book, however, works independently of the paper industry. You won’t be at the mercy of supplies or their costs, which look set to increase for the foreseeable future.

Printing costs

The fees associated with printing are increasing, but you can eliminate these costs by eliminating printing. A digital program book can use explosive, vibrant color without regard to cost. No more black-and-white printing for those on a budget. And no more exorbitant ink costs for those requiring more than a splash of color. Bottom line, with digital program books there are unlimited design possibilities, as well as content possibilities, and it does not increase the cost the way that it does in printed program books.

ESG (environmental, social, and governance)

By going digital, you save trees. The environment is at serious risk. Anything we can do to reduce paper use (and waste) is important. Creating and distributing paperless, digital program books saves forests. Going digital can help make performing arts organizations industry leaders, helping to reduce environmental impact.

The move toward digital program books has considerable benefits in terms of reduced costs, waste, and impact on the environment. The benefits of digital program books go far beyond these reasons, however. Patrons also love digital program books. 

Performing arts organizations can deliver program books to the patrons’ devices, making them incredibly easy to access, store, and enjoy. Organizations can send them ahead of an event via text message, email, the website, or a QR code, among other options, allowing patrons to learn more about the event and spread the word by sharing the program book. 

Digital program books can also mean more design flexibility and choice. With our interactive software and dynamic content, the possibilities are truly exciting.

If you’re still using printed program books, make your next project paperless. Become a pioneer and explore the world of digital program books. They will help you save money, be more creative, and engage with your audience. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities and we’ll help you get there.

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