Right-Size Your Printed Program with Digital

As a performing arts organization, those lush, full-color season program books may be a point of pride. But let’s get real – printing and distributing those doorstoppers comes with massive costs!

It’s time to rethink tradition and find the right balance between print and digital programs.

The Hard Truth about Print Programs

Let’s break down the expenses:

  • Paper and printing alone can consume thousands per run. And for what – pages tossed in the trash or stuffed in drawers?
  • Don’t forget labor costs for designers, editors, and staff to manage the process.
  • Plus the wasted inventory from inevitable unsold copies.

The piles of unused programs are more than just lost dollars. It’s a missed opportunity and environmental waste.

The Digital Program Revolution

Digital program platforms have advanced lightyears beyond clunky PDFs. Today’s features include:

  • Mobile responsiveness – optimized for any device
  • Multimedia – integrate photos, videos, audio
  • Interactivity – build in forms, polls, sharable content
  • Analytics – track engagement and interests

All available instantly, anywhere your patrons are. And the costs? Pennies per view.

Right-Size Your Print Run

Performing arts patrons are changing. In a recent survey, over 60% said they’d use a digital program if offered.

Carefully analyze sales data from past seasons. Identify demand for print vs. digital. You may find you can reduce your print run by 50% or more without impact.

For loyal print patrons, maintain a limited run. Print digitally on demand to lower waste. Just be sure to promote the benefits of digital to transition their preferences over time.

By right-sizing print and embracing digital, you can dramatically cut costs while offering a modern, engaging experience. That means more resources for your mission.

The Future is Bright

Right-sizing print programs is just the first step on the digital journey. Unlocking online distribution channels, deeper audience data, and multimedia content possibilities will transform how you connect with patrons.

Let’s chat more about the future of digital performing arts engagement and how we can get you there. The time for change is now. Your audiences are ready – and your organization will thrive because of it.

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