The idea of using Google analytics to connect with your patrons and provide a curated experience may seem like complicated, high-level marketing tactics. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be rocket science! With the right digital program book, you’ll have this capability and more at your fingertips.

How Unique User Data Helps You Understand Your Patrons

How do you stand apart from performing arts organizations whose view of their patrons is a mass of names and emails, with very little insight into their activities within your organization? They can’t even rely on ticket sales to drive their marketing, because when someone buys a block of 20 tickets, they have no visibility into those individual audience members. These organizations are stuck using blanket emails and mailings that many patrons may throw away or delete without reading. If you could capture uniquely identifying information about each patron, you’d be off to a good start.

If you could also capture data about their activities, interests, and behavior, then you’d really have something. Programs like Google Analytics can mine and report on this information to provide valuable patron insights. But how do you make the leap to actionable next steps?

A Digital Program Book Connects You to Your Patrons for Personalized Engagement

By using a digital program book, you can make that one-on-one connection to specific patrons who attended a performance and opened your program book. And not only can you see these specific patrons, you can see even more information: did they click a link to request more information, dive into the upcoming season schedule, or respond to a survey? Armed with this information, you can tailor your marketing and engagement, giving your patrons a personalized, curated experience. 

Our digital program book platform makes it simple to create exactly this experience. Our platform gathers unique email addresses and mobile phone numbers of everyone sitting in your seats. We make it easy to set up a marketing email or text message sequence tailored to your patrons interests. And then with a push of a button, that automated sequence can be sent to that specific patron via email or text message (or both) for the balance of the season. The messages can thank that specific patron for attending that night’s performance, make them aware of each upcoming performance with a convenient link to purchase tickets, thank them for their attendance after the season is over, and then market to them when the new season is announced. The patron feels like they have a personal connection to your organization, and you will benefit from a simplified, more successful marketing campaign.

It’s definitely not rocket science. It’s a matter of choosing the right digital program book, supported by an experienced team helping your organization create moments of engaging communication with your audience. Contact us today to learn more about our digital program book and marketing solutions.

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